Wetlook by Woman in Ripped Jeans and High-Heeled Boots in Pool

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You could already see this beautiful redheaded girl in my previous Wetlook shooting. Last time she took a shower in leather leggings and jacket. This time this beautiful curly girl wanted to become wet from head to toe again. But this time the Wetlook model decided to wear a completely different outfit. She solved to put on tight ripped jeans, white sweater with hood and leather boots with high heels. And this time the fully clothed girl made a decision to take a swim in the pool. At first, we made a few Wetlook photos in dry jeans, and then gradually began to make clothes wet. The young girl went down into the water and immediately felt that the water leaked through the leather of her boots and they gradually became wet inside. Her pantyhose and jeans also began to become wet. When the fully dressed girl descended into the pool, she noticed a large red-and-black rubber ring. This is a great opportunity to have fun, swim and have a great time. The wet girl in sweater lay on an inflatable circle and began to swim and splash the water on her jeans and sweater. While swimming, her clothes became almost completely wet. Then the Wetlook girl got up in the water. It was pretty deep, so her jean, sweater and even her hair became wet. The soaking wet model swam, jumped and played in the pool for a long time. Then she got out of the water. The water quickly dripped down from her wet jeans and sweater. It looked very nice and we did a lot of great Wetlook photos. I think you will definitely see this wonderful girl in my Wetlook shooting again.

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