Wetlook by Sexy Girl in Blouse, Tight Jeans and Patent Leather Shoes

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Quality:High-Definition (1280x720)
Content Type:Photo (JPEG)
Volume:20 Mb


This charming, tanned girl likes to be photographed, so she does not miss the chance to pose in front of cameras, even being completely dressed and wet from head to toe. And today we decided to make some Wetlook photos in the jacuzzi. For this wet shooting, the girl put on a white short blouse, a blue bra underneath it, tight jeans with white belt and black boots with high heels. The Wetlook model also wore a blue necklace on her neck. The fully clothed girl has a very slim figure, so these clothes are very suitable for her, and she looks really sexy. Well, let's make our clothes completely wet faster. To start with, the girl in skinny jeans decided to make several Wetlook photos in the pool. The fully dressed girl came up to the ladder, then slowly began to drop into the water. As soon as the girl lowered her feet into the pool, she felt that the water gradually leaked through the leather of her boots and they became wet inside. Her jeans also gradually became wet and changed the color. When the girl was standing waist-deep in the water, her jeans became completely wet and stuck to her feet. To make her blouse and hair wet too, the girl in wet boots and jeans decided to take a shower. The water flowed down her hair, blouse and jeans, until they became completely wet. Her blouse stuck to her body, and it looked very seductive. Then the soaking wet girl took a shampoo and decided to take a swim in the pool. Here she poured a little amount of shampoo on jeans, and when she dipped into the pool, the water became a little soapy. The girl in wet jeans, blouse and boots swam a bit. In the end, we decided to take some photos in the sauna. The fully wet girl posed in various flexible poses, and we did a lot of great Wetlook photos. Watch it and enjoy this beautiful Wetlook.

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