Wetlook by Hot Woman in Soaking Wet Blouse, Tight Jeans and Boots

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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On such a wonderful day, the only thing you want is swimming in the sea in order to relax a cool down. And if you combine this pleasure with shooting in our new Wetlook, the result will be just spectacular. Today I have a great opportunity to spend this day with this beautiful model. Oksana is a gorgeous long-haired girl with tanned skin and slim figure. She looks perfect in any clothes. For this wet event, the young girl put on white crop blouse, blue skinny jeans and black leather boots with high heels. To start with, the fully clothed girl just walked on the rocks and enjoyed the scenery around. The sea was rather calm, but some small waves crash on the rocks and splashes of water fell on girl's body and clothes. This is an extremely pleasant feeling because it was really hot. The fully clothed girl decided to enter the water and took the first step. Her boots and the bottom of her jeans gradually became wet. Then the girl in wet boots sat down in the shallow water. Girl's jeans got completely wet and stuck to her hips. Then Oksana began to splash the water on her jeans and blouse, and when they became almost completely wet, the fully clothed girl lay down on her back, so that her hair also became wet. Then the Wetlook model got up again and moved further into the depth. The girl in completely wet jeans and blouse jumped, splashed the water and played with her wet hair. When the girl came ashore, the water flowed down her wet hair, blouse and jeans. Here she noticed that her leather boots were torn. But she did not pay attention to it and just enjoyed this amazing cool feeling of wet clothes on her body. You can join and watch all the wet photos. I think you like it.

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