Wetlook by Cool Girl in Colorful Blouse, Blue Leggings and Shoes by the River

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This cute girl in bright blouse is full of positive and energy. She got used be the center of attention because she has a bright appearance. The young girl also has a great sexy figure, so she looks fantastic in any outfit. Today we chose a wonderful location - a picturesque lake near the forest. Therefore, Wetlook girl decided to put on comfortable, but at the same time beautiful clothes. The Wetlook girl wore a bright blouse with black leather belt, shirt, white T-shirt, tight blue leggings and golden shoes. In such clothes, especially wet you can see all the advantages of her figure. From the beginning, Tania was walking along the lake shore. We made several photos, and then gradually began to approach the lake. As soon as she took several steps into the water, she felt a pleasant coolness. Her shoes and leggings became wet. Then the fully clothed girl came to the wooden boat, which was filled with water and sat down in it. Then the girl in wet leggings stood near the wooden leader and began to spill the water on her hair and blouse. The water quickly flowed down girl's blouse and leggings. The Wetlook girl splashed the water with her legs and now there was no dry place on her clothes. Then she lay down on the bridge and we made some portrait photos and it was really great. Then the blonde girl in wet leggings got up and went further into the deep water. She walked in the water among the weeds and we made a lot of great wet photos. Then the model in completely wet leggings and blouse decided to have some fun - she splashed the water, laughed and played in the lake. The young girl in completely wet clothes was so happy and satisfied. It was an unforgettable day filled with positive emotions and feelings. Hope you will also like this bright Wetlook because we did our best.

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