Wetlook by Sexy Blonde Girl in Black Jacket and Leggings by the Sea

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Just look at this beautiful blonde girl. She has a slender figure, attractive appearance and luxurious long hair. I simply could not invite this cute girl to my new Wetlook. This summer I have got a lot of Wetlook shootings on the sea coast. I really adore this location, because there are picturesque views around. For today's wetting, Wetlook model put on a black jacket, glamorous blouse underneath it, shiny leggings and shoes with high heels. She also put on a sunglasses, baseball cap and black gloves. This clothes suit her so much, and girl looks extremely seductive in this tight leggings. To begin with, a pretty model walks along the seaside and just enjoys the beauty around. We took some Wetlook photos in dry clothes, and now it was time to get wet from head to toe. The fully clothed girl sat down on the ground and her leggings got dirty. Then girl sat on the stone and dipped her feet into the water, so her shoes filled with water and it became wet. The girl liked this feeling so she decided to continue to wet her clothes. She sat down in shallow water and began to splash water on her leggings and jacket. Her leggings became completely wet. The water splashes fell on her still dry blouse, and it gradually also began to get wet. Wetlook model lay in different flexible seductive poses. Then she put off her cap and started to fill it with water. The girl in wet clothes was enjoying how cool she looked in soaking wet leggings and jacket that stuck to her breasts. Undoubtedly, this is one of my favorite Wetlook models, because it is extremely easy to work with such beautiful girl, and our wet result is really incredible. Just take a glance at these wet photos and make sure of that.

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