Wet Girl in Tight Jeans, Sweater and Boots on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Every time I try to come up with new interesting ideas for my Wetlook shootings. Together with my Wetlook models we carefully select the outfits to get wet in. I also love working with girls who have model experience, because it is just a pleasure of photographing them. Today I want to introduce you to one beautiful girl Roksolana. Blonde girl is accustomed to camera flash, but today she will have to pose for the first time in completely wet clothes. Wetlook girl put on black sweater, blue ripped jeans and light blue boots. Fully clothed girl walked along the seashore and gradually entered the water. Sitting at the edge of the stone, girl in jeans lowered her boots into the water. Splashing water with her boots, water splashes fell on her jeans and sweater. Gradually girl's boots were filled with water and become wet inside. Her ripped jeans also gradually began to get wet and change the color to darker. Then still partially dry model decided to lie in shallow water, in order to make her clothes her clothes completely soaked. Her sweater became wet and heavy, so girl decided to put it off. Wetlook girl did not wear a bra, so she decided to put on pink T-shirt on her wet body. Girl in wet jeans put on T-shirt, but since her body was wet, the T-shirt also got partially wet, and her nipples were visible. Wet girl posed near the rock, where we take a lot of cool photos. Then Roksolana sat down and began to splash water on her t-shirt and tight jeans. Soaking wet girl was extremely pleased with how she looked in wet clothes, and she liked all the shooting process very much. It was extremely fun and interesting to get wet in clothes. She will definitely try herself in Wetlook again, but it will be another outfit and location.

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