Wetlook by Girl in Tunic, Fishnet Tights and Leather Boots by the Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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What can I say about this beautiful girl? She simply adores sun, sea and in my opinion, she was born to be a Wetlook model. And today we have such opportunity to check it because invites Marina to my new Wetlook shooting by the sea. The weather was wonderful and the water temperature just perfect for swimming. The Wetlook girl put on brown dress, fishnet tights and black leather high-heeled boots. The fully clothed girl looks so sexy that I can only imagine how wonderful she would look in completely wet clothes. But we have not to imagine, just let's take a glance. The fully clothed girl sat down on the stone. The weather was wonderful, but the sea was not quite calm. Waves crashed the stones and drops of water fell on the girl's tights, dress and hair. In order to make her clothes wet faster, hot girl stepped into the water. Her boots and bottom of tights became wet. Then wet girl began to splash the water on her dress until it became completely wet. Her fishnet tight became brilliant. The soaked girl walked in the shallow water and posed in various flexible and sexy poses. The Wetlook model lay down on her back, her dress, tights and boots were fully covered with waves. Her hair and clothes became wet, so she decided to play with it. Now the fully dressed girl is soaking wet from head to toe. When the girl stood up, water flowed down from her wet dress that stuck to her sexy body. The completely wet girl walked and had fun in the sea, enjoying every moment of her wetting. We have made a lot of great wetfoto shots and I'm sure you will enjoy this Wetlook to the fullest.

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