Wetlook by Sexy Woman in Stockings, Sweater, Denim Shorts and High Heels

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Today this beautiful girl is going to make her clothes completely wet. The girl already has model experience, but she has never be photographed in wet clothes. For her wetting, Wetlook girl decided to put on the outfit, that perfectly highlighted all the beauty of her slim figure. She put on blue jeans shorts, black pantyhose underneath it, gray blouse with hood and shoes with high heels. Since the girl like swimming, she made a decision to soak her pantyhose in the pool. At first, we made a few Wetlook photos in dry pantyhose and blouse, and then gradually began to make clothes wet. The fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the pool and dipped her feet into the water and immediately felt that her shoes and the bottom of her pantyhose gradually got wet. When the fully dressed girl descended into the pool, all her clothes - jeans shorts and blouse got soaking wet too. Then the Wetlook model noticed large red rubber ring. This is a great opportunity to have fun, swim and have a great time. The wet girl in pantyhose lay down on it and began to swim and splash the water on her jeans shorts and blouse. While swimming, her clothes and hair became completely wet. Then the Wetlook girl got up in the water. It was pretty deep, and she decided to swim on her back. The soaking wet model swam, jumped and played in the pool for a long time. Then she got out of the water. The water quickly dripped down from her wet jeans shorts, pantyhose and blouse. It looked very nice and we did a lot of great Wetlook photos, some of which you can view for free. I think you will definitely see this wonderful girl in my Wetlook shooting again.

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