Fully Clothed Girl in Leggings, Blouse, Denim Shorts and Tights on Lake

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And again, a hot summer Wetlook shooting at the river. The picturesque scenery, birds singing and lots of greenery around. What could be better, especially if combine all this beauty with our new Wetlook shooting? This wonderful girl agreed to help me today. For this wet adventure, she put on black leggings, pantyhose, blouse and blue jeans shorts. At first, we just walked in the forest, admired nature and made some Wetlook photos in dry clothes. But time was going by, so we hurried up to the river. The sandy shore was steep, so it was a bit uncomfortable to go. The fully clothed girl went down to the river and stepped into the water. The water temperature was perfect for swimming, so the girl in leggings and pantyhose confidently started to move forward. With every step, her pantyhose and leggings became wetter. The Wetlook model girl splashed the water with her legs, and then fell down into a shallow river. Her wet outfit was almost completely covered with water. Girl's jeans shorts, pantyhose, leggings and a blouse became completely wet. The soaked girl shook the water, had fun, jumped and just had fun. Her wet shorts became heavy, and leggings and blouse stuck to the body. But the completely wet girl did not pay attention to it because she was extremely enthralled by the process of Wetlook shooting. I love models, who are so active and devoted to what they do because as a result, we get a great fun and took a lot of cool Wetlook photos. I think you will also like this wet girl.

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