Wetlook by Cool Girl in Sexy Stockings, Dress and High Heels at Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Summer is a season for new marine Wetlook shootings. So I try not to miss such an opportunity to invite a pretty girl to pose in front of my camera in the fully wet clothes. And today I am glad to work with this beautiful girl. For this wetting she put on a cute black-and-white mini dress, fishnet pantyhose and shoes with high heels. The fully dressed girl looks so seductive in this Wetlook outfit. As it was rather hot, the fully clothed girl wanted to make her clothes completely wet as soon as possible. But before doing this, we traditionally took some Wetlook photos in the dry dress and pantyhose. And then the young girl carefully began to approach the sea. The water was so clean and clear, so all the photos were simply fantastic. Firstly, the fully clothed girl sat down on the stone, dipping her feet into the water. Her shoes gradually filled with water and got wet inside. The Wetlook model felt a pleasant coolness and she really liked it. The girl in dress knelt down, so her fishnet pantyhose also became soaking wet. The fully dressed laid down in order to make her dress wet too. Now girl's pantyhose, mini dress and even her hair were soaking wet. The soaking wet girl was lying in different flexible poses and we made a lot of great wet photos in the background of green seaweeds. Then, the young girl in wet fishnet pantyhose stood up and moved further into the deeper water. Here, Wetlook model swam a bit and splashed the water. Finally, the beautiful girl was standing waist-deep in the water and she was absolutely happy to have such an opportunity to make her clothes completely wet and cool down in such a hot weather. Hope you will like this wetfoto set.

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