Wetlook be Hot Girls in Dresses, Sexy Stockings and High Heels in Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I want to tell you some interesting short story of our today's Wetlook shooting. I invited this fully clothed brunette girl to become wet from head to toe. The girl put on a little black dress, sexy pantyhose and shoes with high heels. From the beginning, the completely dressed girl decided to take a shower. The girl in sexy dress turned on the water. The water was flowed down her hair, dress and pantyhose until they became completely wet. Her wet dress stuck to her slim body, and the pantyhose became brilliant. Then the fully dressed girl made a decision to continue Wetlook shooting and take the bubble bath. The soaked girl in the completely wet dress and pantyhose lay down in the bathtub full of bubbles. At this time, another girl was watching, how she got wet. The Wetlook model solved to invite this girl and take the bath together. This girl was wearing a gray dress and pantyhose too. Two girls were sitting in the bathroom in quite wet dresses and pantyhose. Then the both Wetlook models decided to take a shower together, still wearing soaking wet clothes. Fully clothed wet girls sat down close to each other and just enjoyed the feeling of wet clothes on their bodies. It was very unexpected, but at the same time, it was a very productive Wetlook shooting. I think you will like such a wet surprise, and enjoy this wet photos.

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