Wetlook by Curly Girl in Sexy Black Dress, Stockings and High Heels by the Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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If the girl made beautiful hairstyle and makeup, and also dressed little black dress with lace inserts and shoes with high heels, it means that time for our new Wetlook shooting has come. The weather is wonderful, so we decided to go to the lake again. You already know how much I like this picturesque location. Dina already has experience in wet shooting being fully clothed, so it's just a pleasure to work with her. As I said before, girl wore beautiful black dress, pantyhose and shoes with high heels. This outfit emphasizes all the advantages of girl's figure as coolly as possible. When we came to the lake, we noticed a wooden boat on the shore. Fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the boat and lowered her shoes into the lake. Water quickly leaked through her shoes. Her pantyhose also became wet and shiny. Wetlook girl lay down, so her hair was in the water. Then wet girl went down into the water. She started splashing water on her pantyhose and dress and just had a fun. Sprays of water fell on her dress, until it became completely wet. It was a little uncomfortable to walk in the mud, so fully clothed girl took off her wet shoes. Wetlook girl sat by the boat and splashed the water with her feet. Her wet dress and pantyhose became dirty, but she immediately poured water on it, in order to make it clean. Soaking wet girl was swimming and having fun until the sunset. We took a lot of great photos where the fully clothed girl in soaking wet dress and pantyhose was playing with her wet hair, and water sprays were scattered all around. It was a really fantastic sight because the sky and the lake were flooded with different colors. Undoubtedly, the sunset is one of the most charming parts of the day, and every Wetlook shot looks incredible at this time.

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