Wetlook by Beautiful Girl in Sexy Leggings and High Heels on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This bright girl has a very beautiful appearance and gorgeous figure, so it does not matter what clothes she put on, she will look marvelous. The girl prefers bright clothes, so for today's Wetlook shooting, she chose a floral blouse, black leggings and red shoes with high heels. Just a perfect outfit to get soaking wet in. As soon as the Wetlook girl began to walk on the rocks, she decided to take off her shoes and walk barefoot. After all, it is really important for the model to feel comfortable since she is very energetic and active girl. The Wetlook girl can not sit for a long time in one place, so she immediately entered the water. The fully clothed girl climbed on a rock in the shallow water until the bottom of her leggings and shoes got wet. Then the brunette Wetlook girl went further into the deep sea and began to splash the water on her leggings, blouse and hair. She jumped, swam and just played in water until her clothes became completely wet. Then the girl in soaking wet leggings and blouse lay down on the stone. Water dripped down from her wet blouse, leggings and hair. The girl quickly changed the poses, so we made a lot of cool Wetlook photos. A fully dressed girl went for a long time in wet leggings and a blouse, and just enjoyed a sense of wet clothes on her slim body.

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