Wetlook by Sexy Wet Blonde in Corset, Skirt, Stockings and High Heels

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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There are many stereotypes about the blonde girls. I know this girl for a lot of time, so I confidently can say that this girl does not belong to this type of girls. She is a really smart and elegant girl, but sometimes she lets her have some fun and relax to the fullest. Today we decided to take a shower fully clothed, and for this purpose, the Wetlook model put on a black sexy corset, tight skirt, stockings and shoes with high heels. As just girl entered the bathroom, she saw a large jacuzzi bath. The fully dressed girl immediately imagined how her skirt and stockings would gradually become wet until there was no dry place on her clothes. So, to start with, the Wetlook model in stockings sat down on the edge of the bath, turned on the water, and directed a jet of water on her chest and corset. Water flowed down from her body and clothes. Her corset, and then her tight skirt and stockings gradually became wet and brilliant. Then the fully clothed girl solved to make her hair dripping wet too. Being wet from head to toe, the blonde girl looked very seductive. Her wet skirt stuck to her hips and highlighted the beautiful girl's figure. The soaking wet model was posing in various flexible poses. Wetlook girl was sitting and laying, but she always kept on to pour water on her stockings and skirt. At the end, the completely wet girl was wearing sunglasses. We made a lot of cool girl's photos in a completely wet corset, skirts and stockings and received a great pleasure and positive emotions from the process of Wetlook shooting.

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