Fully Clothed Girl in Tight Jeans, Denim Jacket and High Heels Get Wet on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Meet Karina - a lovely girl who already has model experience. But she has never posed in completely wet clothes before. Therefore, the fully dressed girl was slightly shy from the beginning, but it did not prevent us to get a wonderful wet result. For today's Wetlook adventure, the brunette girl chose beautiful jeans outfit. I am very fond of girls wearing jeans clothing. I already have a great experience in Wetlook shooting, and I am convinced that jeans clothes look much better when getting completely wet. Well, Wetlook girl put on blue skinny jeans, jeans jacket, white shirt and shoes with high heels. At first, the girl entered the water and part of her jeans became wet and dark. Then she decided to walk along the coast, with a lot of large stones. It was awkward to walk, so girl took off her shoes. We did a lot of great Wetlook photos in partly wet jeans and then entered the water again. Fully clothed girl move further into the deep sea. She stood waist-deep in the water, and now her skinny jeans were completely wet. She splashed water on her jacket and shirt. Then soaking girl sat in the shallow water, and leaned back, so that her hair was covered with water and became dripping wet. Now Wetlook girl was wet from head to toe. The water flowed down from her wet and heavy jeans jacket, so soaked girl decided to put it off. We took a lot of gorgeous photos of Wetlook model in soaking wet shirt and jeans. Each shot is unique and lovely, because Karina is very flexible and beautiful girl, especially wearing wet clothes. It is a pleasure to work with such model because they exactly know what to do in order to get a great wet result. I hope you enjoy this Wetlook.

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