Wetlook by Sweet Blonde in Flowered Dress, Tights and Leather Boots on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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If you see a pretty girl wearing a tender floral dress on the beach, this means that today we are going to shoot our new Wetlook. The young girl also put on white pantyhose and blue shoes. This outfit is extremely suitable for her, and she looks very delicate in this light dress. First of all, we took some Wetlook photos in dry clothes, while walking along the seashore. The fully clothed girl just walked along the coast and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around. Then Wetlook model got into the water and felt how her shoes gradually began to get wet. It was a pretty pleasant wet feeling. Then the girl in pantyhose made a decision not to stop, but to make her pantyhose and dress soaking wet too. In order to do this, the Wetlook girl lay down, so that her clothes were almost covered with water. The wet girl was lay in various positions, splashing the water until her dress and pantyhose got completely wet. her dress stuck to her slim body, and her wet pantuhose became brilliant. Then the soaked girl got up and stood near the rock. We made some cool Wetlook pictures there. Then the dripping wet girl sat on the stone and took off the wet shoes. As it was filled with water, and the girl poured it on her body. The girl was very pleased to pose in the water, and she also liked the feeling of wet clothes on her body. She enjoyed the process of wet shooting to the fullest, and she certainly wants to try herself as Wetlook model again.

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