Fully Clothed Girl in Jacket, White Leggings and Leather Boots Get fully Wet at Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Just look at this smiling girl. She is so sincere and sweet, so I simply could not help asking her to take part in my Wetlook shooting, because it is usually very easy to work with such girls. Wetlook girl was carefully choosing the outfit for today's shooting, but since she wears restrained business clothes in everyday life, today she decided to choose something interesting and vivid to get wet in. Girl put on black jacket, mini floral skirt, white leggings and leather boots with high heels. She walked along the seacoast near large rocks. Here we made just a few photos, because fully clothed girl wanted to make her clothes wet as fast as possible. Wetlook girl took a step into the water. Her boots became wet and then water slowly began to seep through the leather. Sitting on the stone with her feet in the sea the girl felt that her boots gradually became wet inside. She liked this wet feeling, so she began to splash the water with her feet and have fun. Water splashes fell on her leggings, skirt and jacket, and they became partially wet. Then wet solved to make her outfit completely wet. Soaked girl lay on her back in the shallow water. Lying in different poses, fully clothed girl did not even notice how quickly her leggings and jacket became soaking wet. Her hair also became wet. When the girl got up, the water began to flow down from her jacket and leggings. It was awkward to walk on rocks wearing boots with high heels, but girl decided not to put off it. She stood near the great rock. Waves crash the cliff and we made a lot of great photos. Then Wetlook girl went out in completely wet jacket, skirt and leggings, and lay down on the stone in dry her outfit and enjoy her Wetlook.

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