Wetlook by Yoga Girl in Bright Fishnet Stockings, Shirt and Shorts

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Іt is not а secret that all girls, especially blondes, love pink color. Any clothes in this color extremely suit them. That is why for today's Wetlook shooting this girl put on the pink striped blouse, short shorts and fishnet pantyhose. The fully clothed girl decided to walk barefoot because it was much more comfortable. Olia has long wanted to swim completely dressed in the sea and today her little dream will come true. The weather is wonderful, the sun shines brightly, so we have to get great wet photos. Let's get it started. Girl in pink outfit entered the sea step by step and her fishnet pantyhose gradually got wet. Wetlook girl began to splash the water with her feet. Water splashes fell all around. It's a pity that we did not shoot the action video when a fully clothed girl was playing in the water. But I think, all the wet photos also perfectly conveyed all the brightest moments of model's wetting. Wetlook girl was moving further into the water, and her clothes including pink blouse and shorts became completely wet. Her wet pantyhose became brilliant and stuck to her legs. Then, young girl in soaking wet pantyhose, blouse and shorts lay in the shallow water. It was very interesting to watch the girl because she has no experience in Wetlook shooting before. But it was very easy to work with her, because she is very emotional and active, and has a lot of interesting ideas about how to make her clothes completely wet. Soaked girl lay in fully wet clothes and her hair also got wet. We did not even notice how fast the time passed, and we needed to finish our Wetlook shooting. We will certainly meet Olia again because I am extremely pleased with the result of our wet work.

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