Wetlook by Girl in Fur Coat, Dress, Tights and Leather Boots in Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Meet this incredibly pretty and gentle girl. Today a very warm and cozy Wetlook shooting is waiting for you because for today's wet occasion the girl chose the appropriate outfit. The model put on a white fur coat, bright red dress, pantyhose and white leather boots with heels. The fully clothed girl looks very harmonious against the background of this nice bathroom. I really like it, so let's get started. The beautiful girl in fur coat sat down on the edge of the bath, where we made a few Wetlook photos in dry clothes. Then she lowered her feet into the water. Her leather boots were gradually filled with water and became wet inside. Her pantyhose also quickly become wet and shiny. Then the girl in wet pantyhose sat down in the bathtub. Her dress got partially wet. To make her clothes completely wet, the Wetlook model decided to lie down in the water. Her dress and fur coat were completely covered with water, and as a result became dripping wet. Even the girl's hair became absolutely wet. The fully dressed wet model was laughing and having fun because she was extremely enthralled by the process of Wetlook shooting. At the end, the young girl took off her wet and heavy fur coat. The wet model continued to lie in the bathroom dressed in a wet dress, pantyhose and boots. Her soaking wet fur coat was lying in a bathtub full of water near the wet model. Watch these lovely Wetlook photos and enjoy girl's wetting with us.

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