Beautiful Girl in Wet Yellow Dress, Fishnet Stockings and Shoes at Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Probably, there is no person who does not like summer, sun and sea. When it's so hot, the only thing you want is to cool down in the sea and sunbathe. All my Wetlook models get used to combine relaxation with work so today this is a time for a new Wetlook shooting. This is an extremely beautiful girl Ivana and just a fantastic location. We have repeatedly shot our Wetlook here, but each time we come back here again. Today beautiful girl was wearing a bright yellow dress, fishnet tights and shoes with high heels. Fully clothed girl with a bright makeup looks very seductive in this fishnet tights. Wetlook girl in high-heeled shoes walked along the shore on rocks. Since walking in such shoes was very uncomfortable, girl decided to take off her wet shoes. Wetlook girl sat on the stone. It was a time to make her dress and tights soaking wet. Waves of water crashed the stones and dark wet spots appeared on her yellow dress. Then the girl lay on the stone. Her tights and dress gradually got wet until there stay no dry place on it. Her wet dress stuck to the girl's body, and it looks really spectacular. While lying on the rocks, girl's hair also got wet. Wet girl kept on to lie in in completely wet dress and tights and enjoy her Wetlook to the fullest. I really enjoyed working with Ivana, because she is very flexible girl, and all her poses are very sexy. We have done a lot of great wet photos and I'm very satisfied with the result of our Wetlook shooting. I think you will also enjoy this wet work.

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