Sexy Girl's Wetlook in Tight Dress, White Stockings and Leather Boots with High Heels

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Everyone needs rest. Just to get out of town and enjoy the silence and picturesque nature around. For this beautiful blonde girl, walking along the lakeshore is the best way to relax and take everything easy, especially in such a wonderful weather. And if to combine this relaxation with the new Wetlook shooting, it will be a really great combo. And today, when the weather is so fine, the girl put on a tender white outfit - floral mini dress, white tights and leather boots with high heels. At first, the fully clothed girl stood up by the lake, where we took several photos in a dry dress before wetting. Then the blonde came closer and slowly took a few steps into the blue water. The water instantly seeps through the leather of her boots and they become soaking wet inside. Wetlook girl feels the pleasant coolness in her boots, however, it was rather strange feelings. Girl's white tights also gradually became wet and shiny. To make her outfit completely wet, the Wetlook model in soaked tights and boots lay down in the shallow water. Her mini dress gradually got wet and started to stick to her slim body. Now her hair also got wet. The girl in completely wet clothes looked so beautiful. Then fully clothed girl stood up and moved further into the deep lake. The water quickly flowed down girl's wet hair and dress. Here, the Wetlook model in soaking wet tights and dress splashed the water on her clothes and had some fun. Finally, she took off her soaking wet boot and poured water out of it. You already know that this is my favorite Wetlook model. I took a thousand Wetlook photos of her but never get tired of working with her, because this girl was definitely born to be a wetfoto model. Hope, you will always share my sympathy and enjoy this gorgeous Wetlook.

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