Wetlook by Brunette Girl in Dress, Sexy Stockings and Leather Jackboots

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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It is not a secret that I am crazy in love with summer. Bright sun, blue cloudless sky and beautiful girls in sexy outfits all around. What can be better? This is a great time when you can combine work with pleasure. Moreover, it is not a problem to find a model for new Wetlook shooting, because every girl wants to swim in the sea in order to cool down. This slim brunette girl is not an exception, given to the hot weather. For this wet event, the Wetlook model put on a leopard mini dress, sexy fishnet stockings and black leather boots with high heels. It is a very sexy outfit and a girl looks darling. The weather was fine, it was extremely hot, so the fully clothed girl could not wait anymore, she wanted to make her dress wet as fast as possible. At first, the Wetlook model in still dry fishnet pantyhose sat down on the edge of the stone and dipped her boots into the sea. The water leaked through the leather of girl's boots and it became wet inside. The fully clothed girl began to splash water on her pantyhose and dress. Her pantyhose became wet, and her leopard dress tightly stuck to her body. Since the sun shone brightly, we got just magnificent Wetlook photos - the completely wet girl in dress and pantyhose in the background of the blue sea. It was awesome. In the end, the soaking wet girl sat down in the shallow water. Now, there was no dry place on girl's clothes. Even her long hair got partly wet. The Wetlook model in completely wet dress and pantyhose was laying and enjoying the feeling of soaked clothes on her body. And I am really happy to have the opportunity to show you all the beauty of the sea and my lovely Wetlook models

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