Blonde Girl Wetlook in Dress, White Stockings and Shoes on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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As you could notice in my previous Wetlook shootings, all my models are extremely beautiful. And this girl is no exception. Just look at the magnificent figure and luxurious hair. Such girl will look great in any outfit. But for today's Wetlook shooting the girl chose a black-and-white dress, white pantyhose and black shoes. The weather was wonderful, the sea was calm, so there were no obstacles to make her clothes completely wet. At first, we traditionally made several photos in dry dress and pantyhose, and then came to the sea. The water was so clean and clear, so all the photos were simply fantastic. The fully clothed girl sat on the stone and lowered her feet into the water. Her pantyhose gradually became wet. The girl began to splash the water on her still dry dress until it also became soaking wet. The Wetlook model played in the water, jumped, had fun and laughed a lot. During the wet shooting, there was no dry place on her dress and pantyhose. Even her long hair gradually became completely wet. The sun shone brightly, so her wet pantyhose became brilliant. The fully clothed girl lay in shallow water, and she simply enjoyed her Wetlook. Then, the soaking wet girl went ashore. Water flowed down her dripping wet dress and hair. You can watch wet photos and enjoy this Wetlook for the full.

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