Sweet Wetlook by Fully Clothed Girl with Watermelon in Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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What a sweet and beautiful girl. Just look at her beautiful appearance and bright outfit. Corset with tiger print, pink pants and watermelon in girl's hands. I wonder what she is going to do in your bathroom. The answer is obvious. The new Wetlook shooting is waiting for you. The fully clothed girl filled the bath with water and sat down in the tub. Her pants immediately became to get wet and started to change the color. The Wetlook model cut the watermelon into two pieces and began to eat it. Sweet juice flowed down her face, body, girl's corset and pants. Her body and clothing became wet and sticky. Small pieces of watermelon swam in water. A fully dressed girl took a watermelon bath. It looked so beautiful and sweet. We made a lot of bright and cool Wetlook photos of the girl who was lying in the bathtub wearing soaking wet corset and pants. The completely wet girl poured water on her hair and it also became wet. From time to time the fully clothed Wetlook girl got up and poured clean water on her corset and pants. But then she lay down again in fruity water, and all her clothes again became wet and sweet. I really liked this Wetlook , because the entire shooting process was extremely fun and tasty. And as a result, we made a lot of fantastic wet photos. So watch these delicious wet photos and enjoy our sweet Wetlook to the fullest.

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