Wetlook by School Girl in Shirt, Skirt, Tights, Knee Socks and Shoes in Bath

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I like girls who do not afraid of being funny. And I am happy to know Inna - beautiful and extremely positive girl. Today we decided to remember our childhood, especially school years. It must be exciting. And for this wet adventure, we prepared the appropriate outfit and filled the bath with water. As I said, the girl put on clothes similar to school uniform - black mini skirt, white blouse, pantyhose, white socks, black gloves and shoes with high heels. Wetlook model also did a funny hairdo and took a black bag with papers. Having made several photos in dry clothes, the fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the bathtub, dropping her legs inside. Her shoes and socks immediately filled with water and became wet. She was sitting and reading her notes. It looked very unusual, but definitely interesting. Now it was the time to make her pantyhose and skirt wet too. The girl in wet pantyhose and socks sat down in the bathtub and throw her papers into the water. Now her skirt and blouse also got wet. Then the Wetlook model lay down in the foamy water. All the girl's clothes were covered with water. The girl in wet clothes put off her gloves and took her notes. Her wet skirt stuck to her hips and her pantyhose became brilliant. Now all her clothes - pantyhose, socks, skirt and blouse were soaking wet. Even her hair got soaked. The Wetlook girl in wet blouse and pantyhose played with papers and simply enjoyed the feeling of completely wet clothes on her body. As the girl was very active and really quickly changed her poses, we made a lot of beautiful Wetlook photos. It was a really emotional Wetlook. We laughed and had fun like children. Join us at and enjoy this and the other Wetlook sets to the fullest.

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