Sweet Wetlook by Sexy Girl in Black Bodysuit, Stockings and Leather Gloves in Bath

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Summer is not only the time of the sun, sea and vocations, but it is also time for juicy and delicious fruits and berries. And watermelon is my favorite one. This girl also shares my tastes. So when we decided to shoot our new Wetlook, we decided to use watermelon as a requisite for our shooting. We already used different fruits for our previous wetting, and to be honest, the result was simply fantastic. For this purpose, Yana decided to put on a rather sexy outfit - black bodysuit, wide leather belt, pantyhose and leather gloves. The Wetlook model has a very beautiful figure, so these clothes extremely suit her. To begin with, we filled the bath with water and put some pieces of watermelon inside. Water immediately became pink and sweet, like syrup. Then the fully clothed girl took a watermelon and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. Dipping her feet into the water, the girl in sexy bodysuit felt that her pantyhose gradually became wet. It was a rather strange feeling because the water was sweet, so girl's pantyhose became sticky. Then the Wetlook girl in wet pantyhose sat down in the bathtub. Now, not only girl's pantyhose, but also bodysuit became completely wet. The young lady cut the watermelon in half, and she began to eat it. It looked so sexy. Just imagine - the beautiful girl in completely wet sexy clothes sitting in the bath full of fruity water and slowly eating watermelon. Her bodysuit tightly stuck to the slender body, and her wet pantyhose became brilliant. Girl's hair also became partially wet. We made a lot of cool and bright wet photos. The Wetlook girl was laying in different poses, and I was delighted with her flexible posing. It is just a great pleasure to work with such a model that clearly knows what to do in order to get a great final result. Without exaggeration, Yana is a professional Wetlook model, and I can not wait for our next wet shooting. Just watch and simply enjoy our sweet Wetlook.

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