Wet Brunette Girl in Striped Blouse, Tight Pants and High Heels by the Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I take my job seriously, so always do my best to get a perfect result. I love Wetlook loves you with all my soul, that's why I dedicate to my job. I always try to choose interesting locations and outfits and also invite the most beautiful Wetlook models. And this beautiful girl is a vivid example of this. For today's wet shooting, this brunette girl put on a striped blouse, black tight pants and shoes with high heels. This is a perfect Wetlook outfit because it is not only comfortable, but it also looks cool when it becomes completely wet. And this is exactly what we are going to do. We made several Wetlook photos of the girl in dry pants by the sea, and decided not to waste time, but make girl's pants and blouse soaking wet as fast as possible. The fully clothed Wetlook model entered the shallow water and then sat down. At that time girl's pants and shoes got completely wet. It was a very cool feeling, given the hot weather. Then the girl in wet pants lied down in her water, so her blouse also got completely wet. The girls in wet clothes was lying in different flexible poses, and in the result, her hair also got dripping wet.Then the girl in wet blouse and pants stood up and leaned her head, so her hair was dipped in water, Then the soaking wet quickly rose her head, and there were a lot of water splashes around. It looked really great. The completely wet model has spent a long time in the water, enjoying her Wetlook to the fullest. It was a really great Wetlook shooting filled with positive emotions. Hope, you will always like this wet girl.

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