Hot Woman Wetlook in Pink Underwear, White Dress and High Heels in Shower

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This lovely girl loves when men pay attention to her, so she is not ashamed to wear sexy clothes. That's why for today's Wetlook shooting the girl put on in pink underwear, white mini dress, pantyhose and brown shoes with high heels. Honestly, the fully clothed girl looked very seductive, and I can only imagine how she will look like, when her clothes become completely wet, because the girl has a great figure. Today, we chose the shower for our wetting. The fully dressed girl went inside and turned on the water. The Wetlook girl gradually began to pour water on her shoes and pantyhose. She continued to do this until there was no dry place on her pantyhose. Then she gradually began to move up. The girl in wet shoes and pantyhose sat down on the edge of the bath and began to pour water on her tight dress. The fabric quickly absorbed the water, but her dress was completely wet. The Wetlook girl's pink underwear underneath dress was soaking wet too. Then the completely wet girl made her hair wet too. Now the model was completely wet from head to toe. Her white wet dress stuck to her slim body and it looked extremely sexy. Girl's wet pantyhose became brilliant. I really enjoyed working with this girl, and I especially pleased with her flexible posing. The Wetlook model looked so confident and seductive. I think we will meet with this beautiful girl more than once.

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