Swimming by Fully Clothed Girl in Wet Jacket, Jeans and Shoes in Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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To tell the truth, I like all the girls, but you will probably agree that blond girls look more cute and fragile. Just look at this wonderful Wetlook model in this white outfit. She looks like an angel. And today she is going to make her clothes completely wet especially for you. For today's Wetlook shooting this tender girl put on a white jacket, tight jeans, black blouse and brown shoes with high heels. The fully clothed girl has a chic figure, so I'm sure she will look great in any outfit. Traditionally, we began our shooting by making a few Wetlook photos in dry jeans and jacket. Then the fully dressed girl stepped into the lake. Her shoes and the bottom of her jeans gradually became wet inside. The Wetlook model immediately began to move deeper, and the further she went, the wetter her jeans became. During the shooting, the girl's jacket and blouse also became completely wet. Then the girl in wet jeans and jacket laid down in the shallow water and just continued to pose. The girl did not want to go ashore, so we took the air mattress and began to swim. The girl had a good mood, so we had fun and spent a great time playing in the water. It was very positive and emotional wetting. We took a lot of cool wet photos such of which you can view for free. At the end, the fully clothed girl took a bowl and started to pour water on her wet jacket, blouse and jeans to make sure there was no dry place on her clothes. Watch and enjoy this beautiful Wetlook girl in completely wet jeans and jacket.

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