Soaking Wet Woman in Jacket, Leggings and High Heels Take a Shower

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Dasha is positive and active girl. She likes to do something new, and nothing can surprise her. So when I invited her to take part in my new Wetlook shooting, the answer was obvious. For the first time, we chose the spacious bathroom with a large bathtub. Just a perfect place to get wet for the first time. Beautiful girl put on comfortable, but very spectacular outfit - shiny black leggings, pantyhose underneath it, gray T-shirt, dark jeans jacket and high heeled shoes. Without losing a minute, fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the bathtub, dipping her legs inside and turned on the water. Wetlook girl directed a jet of water on her leggings and a T-shirt. The water flowed down from her wet jacket and leggings, filling the bathtub. There appeared dark, wet spots on her T-shirt and jeans jacket, and at the same time her leggings also got wet and more shiny. The water leaked through her shoes, and it became wet inside. Fully clothed girl sitting and keeping on to pour warm water on her wet clothes. Her soaking wet jacket, T-shirt, pantyhose and leggings stick to her body. It seemed that there was no single dry place on the girl's clothes, but Dasha continued to soak her jeans jacket and leggings. Fully clothed girl was so carried away by the Wetlook shooting process, and she did not even notice how fast the time went by. Soaking wet girl did not want to stop, so she decided that she would definitely try herself in Wetlook again. But this will be a completely different location and outfit. Therefore, to the next Wetlook meetings with wet Dasha.

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