Fully Clothed Woman in Jacket, Pants and Shoes Get Soaking Wet in Shower

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Meet Nastia - pretty and positive girl who cannot imagine her life without water. She likes to take showers or lay in the bath for hours, but she never did it in clothes. And today she dared to take part in my new Wetlook shooting. For this wet event, the young girl put on green jeans with black belt, white blouse, brown jacket and shoes with high heels. In this outfit, Wetlook girl went into the shower and turned on the water. Her black shoes also filled with water and became wet inside. There appeared dark, wet spots on girl's jeans and it was clearly seen which part was wet and which was still dry. Her black shoes also filled with water and became wet inside. Then the wet girl started to move up. She began to pour water on her jacket and blouse until they became completely wet. Her soaked jeans began to stick to the girl's hips. Over time, her jacket leaked with water and became heavy, so the soaking wet model took it off. Now Wetlook model was dressed just in wet blouse and jeans. Girl's curly hair got completely wet too and now there was no dry place on clothes. Then, the dripping wet girl sat in the corner, the water flowed down her jeans on the floor. Then the fully clothed Wetlook girl got up and began to pose in front of the camera. She was so flexible and active. It looked unsurpassed. I love working with such positive people because it is always interesting and exciting. In the end, the Wetlook model in completely wet jeans and blouse continued to take the shower in order to enjoy this beautiful moment for long. Her wet pantyhose shone brightly. It was definitely a steep Wetlook shooting, and I really want to work with Nastia again. Join and watch all the wet photos.

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