Coffee Wetlook by Cute Girl in Lace Dress, Evening Gloves and Fishnet Stockings in Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Perhaps there is no such person who does not like the fragrant aroma of coffee. A coffee bath is just a dream that will come true today for this wonderful girl. So, as you may have gathered, the new Wetlook shooting in a coffee bath is waiting for you today. For such fragrant wet shots, we chose the appropriate outfit - white lace dress, fishnet stockings and white evening gloves. The Wetlook model is so delicate and beautiful in this dress. Firstly, we made several photos of the girl in still dry dress and stocking in a chic hotel room and then hurried up into the bathroom. The bathtub was already filled with water and coffee beans. There was a wonderful aroma of coffee in the bathroom - just a perfect atmosphere for our Wetlook shooting. The fully clothed girl sat down on the edge of the bath and lowered her legs into the water. Her fishnet stockings gradually began to become wet. The fully dressed girl began to splash the water and coffee beans on her wet lace dress and fishnet stockings. Then completely wet model sat down in the bath and took an old coffee mug. The Wetlook girl took the coffee beans and began to pour it on her soaking wet dress and stockings. We made a lot of awesome wet photos. The gorgeous girl in a white dress was laying in brown coffee water, and it looked fantastic. The wet girl lay down in the bath so that only her head was above the water. At this time, girl's hair got completely wet too. I simply adore these atmospheric and fragrant Wetlook photos. Make a cup of coffee and watch these magnificent Wetlook. Definitely, you will get enormous pleasure.

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