Blonde Girl in Sexy Skirt, Stockings and High Heels Get Wet on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This is Alexandra, and you could already remember this gaily girl in my previous Wetlook shooting. Last time she made her clothes completely wet together with a beautiful brunette in an elegant shirt, tight skirt and pantyhose. It was a very interesting shooting. This time the girl decided to repeat this wet adventure, but this time she will be alone. The girl put on the same outfit - a short skirt, a white t-shirt, pantyhose and shoes with high heels. At first, the fully clothed girl walked in the forest, where, as usual, we made several Wetlook photos in dry clothes, before she became completely wet. Then the girl went into the lake. The young model was holding a bottle of cognac and lollipop. She was so cheerful and carefree. I love people with a good sense of humor because it is just a pleasure to work with them-them, and you always can put into action any boldest Wetlook ideas. As soon as the fully dressed girl entered the lake, her shoes filled with water and became wet inside. Then the active girl lay down in shallow water. At this time, her white t-shirt, sexy skirt, gray pantyhose became completely wet. The Wetlook girl in the wet outfit has ample bosom, so she looked especially seductive in this wet t-shirt. The girl in soaked pantyhose was lying and having fun in the water. When the girl was lying on the beach, her pantyhose became not only wet but also very dirty. To wash the dirt away, the girl started to splash the water on her pantyhose. The Wetlook model took a great pleasure from the process of wetting. I think you'll enjoy this crazy Wetlook shooting with us.

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