Night Wetlook by Two Fully Clothed Girls in Wet Clothes by the Lake

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I have always loved girls with a good sense of humor. It is always funny and interesting to work with them. With such people, you can put into effect your most daring Wetlook ideas. Tetiana and Alexandra are just such girls. Today they decided to play the role of a teacher and her naughty student and of cause to combine all of this with Wetlook shooting, of course. It must be interesting, isn't it? To do this, they picked up the matching outfits to get wet in. Tetiana put on an elegant white blouse, tight black skirt and pantyhose. And Alexandra was wearing a mini skirt, white t-shirt and pantyhose. Tania took a stick, looked like a pointer, and the other girl made two ponytails and took a candy. At first, we made several Wetlook photos in dry clothes on the shore, and then gradually began to enter the river. Since the shore was wet and slippery, the girls' pantyhose and skirts became wet and dirty. The fully clothed girls went entered the river and sat down in the shallow water. Girl's pantyhose immediately became wet, but they did not stop. The Wetlook models lay down close to each other, and now their skirts and white shirts became completely wet and stuck to their bodies. The fully dressed wet girls were having fun and splashing the water on each other. The completely wet girls posed in various sexy positions. It looked very seductive. Now all their clothes and hair were soaking wet. But the fully clothed girls were so carried away by the process of getting wet and shooting that sometimes they made such things that not everyone dared to do. But as a result, we got a lot of great Wetlook photos of the girls posing in absolutely wet pantyhose and skirts.

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