Fully Clothed Brunette and Blonde Girls Get Soaking Wet on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Meet two beautiful girlfriends Katia and Olia. Although they are completely different in real life, including their appearance and character, they are united by one thing - they are very fond of having fun and getting wet being completely clothed. I like their love for Wetlook, so today I invited them to my new wet shooting by the lake. Girls were very responsible while preparing for the Wetlook. They chose very interesting and bright clothes. Olia put on a violet blouse and pantyhose, black leggings and blue flip-flops. Katia put on a bright white and red blouse, red pantyhose, jeans high-waisted shorts and sandals. It is very comfortable to have fun and get wet in such outfits. Without waiting a minute, Wetlook girls went into the lake. Their shoes and pantyhose gradually became completely wet. Standing waist-deep in water, wet girls started to pose. It was very easy to work with them, because they look very harmonious in this way. Fully clothed blonde and brunette girls splashed the water on each other in order to make their completely wet. Now girls' blouses also got wet. Cool water flow down from their wet blouses. We took a lot of great wet photos, because Wetlook girls looked very bright and spectacular in their wet pantyhose and blouses, against the background of scenic nature. Soaking wet girls liked wet shooting very much, so they definitely want to try themselves in Wetlook again.

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