Wetlook by Hot Woman in Sexy Dress, Red Stockings and Patent Leather boots

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And again, meet this beautiful Wetlook model. This magnificent blonde girl has posed many times in completely wet clothes, but each Wetlook shooting is a really special event for her. That is why she is always thoroughly preparing for each new shooting. Every time she chooses a new interesting outfit to get wet in. And for today's wetting she has decided to put on leopard dress, two pairs of pantyhose - black fishnet and red, boots with high heels. The weather was fine, and the water temperature just perfect for swimming fully clothed. To start with, the fully clothed girl walked along the seaside. It was rather uncomfortable to walk in such high-heeled boots, but the girl decided not to put it off. The Wetlook girl sat down on the edge of the stone, dipping her legs into the water. Therefore, water gradually began to penetrate through the leather of her boots, and as a result, it became completely wet inside. It was a really pleasant feeling of coolness. Then the blonde girl decided to lie down. Her pantyhose became wet and brilliant. The girl began to splash her water on her dress until they also became wet. Her hair also became partly wet. The soaking wet model in wet pantyhose was laying in different seductive positions. Her wet dress stuck to her body, and her fishnet pantyhose and red leather boots looked particularly sexy. In the end, the completely wet girl put off her boots and pour water out of it. The young girl also took off her black fishnet pantyhose. We made a lot of cool Wetlook photos of the brightest moments of girl's wetting. I hope you will like this Wetlook shooting and join to watch more wet photos.

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