Hot Girl in Velour Jumpsuit and Fishnet Stockings Get Fully Wet in Bath

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This gorgeous blonde girl loves luxurious and elegant clothes. And even when she chose the clothes to become soaking wet in, she stopped her choice on a beautiful black velour bodysuit and sexy pantyhose. She also put on pearl necklace around her waist and it looked very beautiful. In these clothes, the Wetlook girl sat on the edge of the bathtub, where we made a few Wetlook photos before the girl's clothes become completely wet. Then the fully clothed girl lowered her legs into a bath filled with water. Her pantyhose became wet and shiny. The fully dressed girl also wore sunglasses and began to splash the water on her bodysuit and face. Drops of water flowed down of glasses, and it looked very interesting. When the girl's bodysuit and pantyhose became almost completely wet, the Wetlook girl lay down. Her wet pantyhose and bodysuit became not only wet but also brilliant. She lay down on her back in various seductive poses. Her soaking wet pantyhose and bodysuit stuck to her tender body. The fully clothed model looked very charming, so we took a lot of great Wetlook photos. Look at this Wetlook set, and get an aesthetic pleasure in watching these beautiful wet photos.

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