Wetlook by Bright Girl in Yellow Blouse, Skirt, Stockings and Boots at Sea

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There is nothing impossible for the girl, who really loves Wetlook and swimming fully clothed. A lot of rocks and high waves are not an obstacle to look perfect. Walking on the rocks wearing high-heeled shoes? Easily. This Wetlook model is ready to do everything in order to get great wet photos and enjoy the process of wetting in general. So, today she put on a yellow T-shirt, brown skirt, pantyhose and boots with high heels. She also took a bright yellow umbrella. She is really active and positive girl and this bright clothes extremely suits her. To begin with, the fully clothed model goes along the seacoast, where we made a lot of great Wetlook photos in dry skirt and T-shirt. Then we gradually began to enter the sea. Girl's boots gradually filled with water and became wet. Her pantyhose got not only wet, and became brilliant. And the further the girl went into the deep water, the wetter her pantyhose became. To make her clothes completely wet, the fully clothed girl decided to lie down in shallow water. As the sea was wavy, her clothes and hair became wet. All her Wetlook clothing including boots, skirt, pantyhose and T-shirt were covered with water. When there're left no dry place in wet her clothing, the soaking wet girl made a decision to have some fun. She got up and went ahead. The Wetlook model began to play with an umbrella and then she has torn her wet pantyhose. As she put on no bra, she looked very sexy in her wet T-shirt, that tightly stuck to her breast. Then she sat down on the seashore, put off her wet boots and poured water out of it. It was a really bright Wetlook shooting. You can watch some free preview wet photos, and if you like it - please, join us at

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