Hot Blonde in Sheepskin Coat, Leggings, High Heeled Boots Get Wet on the Sea

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Today was a really hard, busy day. When I went home, I met my good acquaintance. From the beginning, I paid attention to her clothes. She was wearing brown sheepskin coat, black shiny leggings, white shirt with brown belt and black faux leather boots with high heels. Blonde girl also had cute black hat on her head. I immediately imagined how she would look like, if her clothes have got soaking wet, so I offered to try herself in Wetlook shooting. Fortunately for me, girl agreed and we headed to the seacoast. It was very dark, so Wetlook girl gently stepped along the bank with stones. Fully clothed girl stepped into the water, her boots got wet and brilliant, and the water began to flow down her boots. Then long-haired girl sat on a wet stone and dipped her feet into the water. Her leggings gradually became wet. Fully clothed girl splashed water on her boots, leggings and sheepskin coat. Wet girl sat down, took off her hat, and lowered her head so that her hair also got wet. Wetlook girl was playing with wet hair, and water sprays spread all around. Sheepskin coat changed the color to dark brown and became very heavy. Soaking wet girl decided to take it off. Wetlook girl also took off her boots and soaking wet leggings.Wet girl stood in a transparent shirt, which adhered to her slender body. Although it was quite cold, soaking wet girl walked along the beach in a completely wet shirt. This brave blonde looks very sexy so you must definitely like the Wetlook photo.

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