Wetlook by Soaking Wet Bride in Leather High-Heeled Boots in Pool

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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This girl is extremely positive and energetic. Each time, she has thousands of different ideas that are not similar to each other. And today she wanted to be in the role of the bride. She decided to combine her interesting wedding look with the Wetlook shooting. So the girl put on a white wedding dress, black leather mitts, stockings, red garter, bridal veil and black leather boots with high heels. Until now, I have not seen such courageous and funny girls, so I gladly agreed to take some Wetlook photos. The fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the pool and gradually began to lower her legs into the water. The water began to leak through the leather of her boots till it got wet inside. The young girl in stockings was in a good mood so she always laughed and had fun. The Wetlook model decided not to waste time, and to make her clothes completely wet as soon as possible. Therefore, the girl in wedding dress went down to the pool. Her dress, stockings, gloves and even veil became wet at once. She splashed water with her hands, and there were a lot of splashes around. Her wet dress stuck to her hips, and it was a little uncomfortable to swim. Then soaking wet girl solved to take a shower, still fully dressed. The Wetlook model lay in the bathtub and started to pour water on her shiny wet stockings and dress. Her hair also became wet. We made many wonderful wet wedding photos. I guess this girl will never forget this Wetlook shooting.

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