Wetlook by Sexy Blonde in Black Jacket, Leggings and High-Heeled Boots

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I really love all the Wetlook photos we took last summer at the seashore. It was a very productive wet period. I met many beautiful girls who were always ready to make their clothes soaking wet in order to take a successful photo shoot. This lovely blonde girl is one of those girls. For today's Wetlook shooting, she put on a total black outfit - black jacket, tight leggings, pantyhose underneath it and black suede boots with high heels. In this clothing, she looks especially sexy. Both of us can not wait for that time when her leggings will become completely wet. Traditionally, firstly we made some Wetlook photos in dry leggings and jacket, put on high-heeled shoes and made hurried up to make girl's clothes completely wet. As soon as the fully clothed girl stepped into the sea, she felt that her shoes began to become wet. The water soaked through the material of her boots, until they became fully wet inside. Then the Wetlook girl started to move further into the deep sea. Gradually, her leggings and pantyhose underneath it became wetter and wetter, until there was not a single dry place on it. Then the Wetlook model began to splash the water on her jacket, in order to also make it wet too. The Wetlook girl in completely wet leggings and jacket played in the water and had fun till sunset. It was already pretty dark, but the soaking wet girl was so carried away by the shooting process, so she completely forgot about the time. We made a lot of cool wet photos and action Wetlook videos with the process of girl'a wetting. So, you are welcome.

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