Wet Girl in Blouse, Shorts and High-Heeled Boots on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Today is a wonderful weather. The sun shines brightly, so it is a great opportunity to go on the lake. There is not just a picturesque nature, but it's also a great location for my new Wetlook shooting. Today I invited this tender girl to help me, and she agreed. This slender blond girl put on a white blouse, classic striped shorts and leather boots with high heels. A fully clothed girl stepped into the water - the temperature was just perfect for swimming. Not wasting a minute, she entered the lake an sat down on the stone, dipping her boots into the lake. The water quickly leaked through the leather of girl's boots, and it got wet inside. Then the young model stood up and moved further into the deep lake. When the fully dressed girl was standing waist-deep in the lake she felt that her shorts were completely wet. So she began to splash the water on her blouse and hair in order to make it wet too. The Wetlook girl in soaked shorts and blouse was very flexible, so she changed her poses very quickly, and it was very interesting to watch her. While posing all girl's clothes got soaking wet. Her white blouse got wet and stuck to her body. As girl wore no bra underneath her blouse, she looked very sexy. Now there left no dry place on her outfit. Even her hair became dripping wet. But the Wetlook girl was extremely happy because she really liked the feeling of wet clothes on her body. She was having fun and splashing water on her completely wet shorts and blouse. At the end, when the Wetlook girl lay down in the shallow water and continue to pose. She lay down on the shore and since there were a lot of small stones it was rather uncomfortable. But she did not pay attention to it, because thanks to this Wetlook adventure, it was one of the hottest days in her life.

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