Wetlook by Blonde in Pink Top, Mini Skirt and Patent Leather Jackboots

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I like working with girls who already have no Wetlook experience because they always work hard in order to get cool photos. So, this time I decided to invite this beautiful blonde girl to try herself in Wetlook and make her clothes completely wet as well. She was really happy and immediately agreed. The girl thoroughly chose her outfit and finally decided to put on a bright pink top, mini skirt and black patent leather boots with high heels. To begin with, the fully clothed girl just walked along the seacoast and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries around. The weather was hot, just perfect for swimming in clothes. Firstly, the girl in mini skirt and boots sat down on the edge of the stone, dipping her feet into the water. Her boots gradually filled with water and got wet inside. Now it was a time to make her skirt and top wet too. The young girl in leather boots solved to enter the water as soon as possible in order to cool down and make her clothes wet. The further the fully dressed Wetlook model went, the wetter her skirt got. Now all her clothed - bright top and mini skirt became completely wet. She looked so sexy in this soaking wet outfit. The girl in completely wet clothes was very positive and active. She quickly changed poses and it was very interesting to watch her. Then she decided to have some fun. She leaned her head so that her hair was dipping into the water. Then she sharply rose up her head, and water splashes were scattered all around. At that time girl's hair got soaking wet too. The water quickly flowed down girl's wet hair and skirt. The girl in wet boots went ashore. Here we take some more wet photos in the background of cliffs. The beautiful girl was soaking wet and happy to have such opportunity to try herself in Wetlook. Hope, you will like it too.

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