Wetlook by Red-Haired Girl in Denim Jacket, Tight Jeans and Leather Boots by Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Maybe there is no girl who does not want to change something in her appearance. one girl wants to be slimmer, and the other dreams of big boobs. This girl has long wanted to dye her hair, but she could not dare to do it. Fortunately, there's a way out - to put a red wig. Great solution. So, now we can start our Wetlook shooting. For her wetting, the girl put on blue jeans, jeans jacket, red sweater and black blouse underneath it and boots with high heels. At first, the fully clothed girl walked along the lakeshore and jusy\t enjoyed the beautiful nature around. Here, we traditionally took some Wetlook shots in clothes before wetting. Then the redhead model approached the lake and slowly took a few steps into the water. The water gradually leaked through the material of her boots and they become soaking wet. Wetlook girl feels pleasant coolness through her toes. Moving further into the depth, her tight jeans got wetter and darker. Wetlook girl splashed water with her hands on all dry areas of jeans. When her jeans became completely wet, the soaked girl sat down on the shore and began to put wet sand on her jeans. When it got dirty, the girl in soaking wet clothes washed the dirt off splashing the water on it. Then wet girl stands up and begins to spill the water on her jeans jacket and blouse. Her jeans jacket absorbed the water and got wet and heavy, so the fully clothed girl put it off. To make her outfit soaking wet, the girl in red wig lay down in the shallow water. Then she stood up and kept on to play in the lake and enjoy the process of Wetlook shooting. As usual, you can watch some free preview wetfoto shots. Hope, you will like this Wetlook model.

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