Wet Girl in Jacket, Leather Pants and High Heels on Lake

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I was pretty cool and windy, but it was not a reason to cancel our Wetlook shooting. All the more, today I have invited one wonderful girl who wanted to make her clothes completely wet for a long time. This girl is very responsible, so she carefully prepared for today's wet adventure. She decided to put on white jacket, black faux leather pants, black transparent golf and black-and-pink shoes with high heels. In such clothes, she looks not just great, but also feels comfortable. Emotions overwhelmed her, so when Wetlook model just saw the lake, she immediately wanted to become wet from head to toe. I supported girl's enthusiasm, so we immediately proceed to our shooting. Fully clothed girl confidently stepped into the lake and felt how her shoes filled with water and became wet. Girl in faux leather pants sat on the edge of the stone and began to splash the water with her feet. Water splashes fell on her still dry pants and jacket. The girl laughed and enjoyed the process of wetting. Then young girl got up and began to move further into the lake. The deeper she went, the wetter and heavier her pants become. Since the lower part of her clothes was already wet, Wetlook girl decided to lie down to make her golf and jacket wet too. Laying in shallow water, girl felt as aqua gradually leaked through the material of her clothes, until it got completely wet. Fully clothed girl lay on her back and bent her head down, so her hair was also soaked. When Wetlook girl got up, the water began to drip down from her wet pants and jacket. Her faux leather pants looked very impressive when got wet, so we made some more photos on the shore. This was a really good shooting, and we proved again that bad weather is not an obstacle to a successful Wetlook.

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