Hot girl in Sexy Clothes and High Heeled Jackboots Get Soaking Wet In Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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It is no secret that all the men are fond of girls in fishnet tights and jeans shorts. Girls in such outfits look especially seductive. I can only imagine how sexy they will look when their clothes get completely wet. Today I invited my good friend to check it out. Marina immediately agreed, because she had long wanted to try herself as a Wetlook model because she already has the experience of the modeling, but she but she never swam in completely wet clothes. I think it must be interesting. For our Wetlook, we chose a special outfit - black floral corset, blue jeans shorts, fishnet tights and leather boots with high heels. To begin with, we made several Wetlook photos in dry clothes lying on the light sofa and then rushed to the pool. The fully clothed girl sat on the edge of the pool, lowering her legs into the water. Her boots gradually filled with water and became wet. Then the Wetlook girl came to the ladder and started to go down. Splashing water with her feet, girl's boots became wet inside. Her fishnet tight also got wet. Drops of water fell on her jeans shorts and corset. Then still dry girl entered the water. It was deep enough, so a fully clothed girl decided to swim a little. Her clothes including tights and jeans shorts got completely wet. While swimming her blonde hair also got wet. Then the young girl in completely wet clothes left the pool. The water flowed down girl's wet hair, corset and jeans shorts. Her tights were wet and brilliant, and boots dripping wet inside. The soaking wet girl stood at the wall and posed in various seductive poses and enjoyed how beautiful she looked in wet clothes. If you want to watch all these cool Wetlook photos - join

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