Wetlook by Fully Clothed Brunette Girl in Leather Jackboots

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Quality:Full HD (1920x1080)
Content Type:Photo (JPEG)
Volume:120 Mb


Just look at this magnificent sky, blue picturesque lake and beautiful nature around. Just an ideal location for Wetlook shooting. So this fine day, I decided to invite this cute blonde girl to make her clothes completely wet. The Wetlook girl had long wanted to swim completely dressed, so she immediately agreed. For Todays Wetlook shooting the girl put on jeans shorts with belt, light tights underneath it, white golf, and black leather boots with high heels. The fully clothed girl has a chic figure, so these jeans shorts are very suitable for her. Firstly, we made some Wetlook photos in dry ctights and then decided to enter the lake. As only the fully clothed girl stepped into the water she felt how the water slowly leaked through her boots and it became soaking wet inside. It was rather strange but at the same time a pleasant feeling. Girl's tights also became wet and brilliant. Then the young Wetlook model began to move on and splash the water on her jeans shorts, tights and golf. Her jeans shorts gradually became wet and heavy, and wet golf became transparent and stuck to the girl's chest. The completely wet girl was lying on her back in the shallow water and enjoying a sense of wet clothes on her body. She really liked the wet shooting process and she decided that she would definitely try herself as Wetlook model again, but it will be another outfit and Wetlook location.

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