Fully Clothed Girl in Leather Leggings, Gloves, Blouse and High Heels in Jacuzzi

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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I always liked the girls who wear leather clothes. They are especially attractive and sexy. So when we chose the outfit for today's Wetlook shooting, we immediately made a solution to put on these leather violet leggings. The blonde girl also put on pantyhose underneath leggings and a black blouse with hood. The Wetlook model also complemented her outfit with various accessories - a black belt, leather gloves and costume jewelry. The fully dressed model looked very sexy in this outfit, and I could only imagine how cool she would look when her leggings became completely wet. To begin with, as usual, we made some Wetlook photos in dry clothes near the pool. Then the fully clothed model lowered her legs inside and began to splash the water with her hands. Girl's pantyhose and leggings became partially wet. Then the girl started to go down. Standing waist-deep in the water, the young girl in wet leggings and pantyhose noticed a rubber ring and decided to float on it. The soaking wet girl was laying on a bright red rubber ring and just enjoying a sense of wet clothes on her body. Then the completely wet girl spent some time in the pool - she posed at the ladder, and also swam a bit. During her swimming, girl's hair also became wet. Then the soaked girl solved to take a shower, again fully dressed. Wetlook model in wet pantyhose sat down on the floor, and water poured on her hair and wet clothes. Girl's blouse and leggings stuck to her body. Then the girl put off her leggings, which seemed to merge with her legs. The beautiful model was wearing wet pantyhose with leggings, which were also quite wet. The fully wet girl looked very seductive. You can view free Wetlook photos, and if you like it, please join our WETFOTO site to view all wet content.

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