Wetlook by Girl in Wet Jacket, Jeans and High Heels

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This is Katya. She is a very modest girl, but everything changes when hears something about Wetlook. Yeah, blonde girl simply loves to take a shower or bath fully being fully clothed, so she does not miss any opportunity to get soaking wet from head to toe. Today girl wears light jacket, white blouse, tight blue jeans, pantyhose underneath, and gray boots with high heels. The girl initially goes back and forth for a while, then comes to the bathtub and sits on the edge. Wetlook girl drops her legs inside. Water quickly seeps through her boots, so they get wet inside. She feels the warmth between her toes. This is strange, but at the same time a rather pleasant feeling. At this time, her pantyhose and bottom of jeans become wet. Fully clothed girl continues to pour water on her skinny jeans. It's interesting to watch how her jeans gradually get wetter and darker. Then she moves up higher. Wetlook girl directs a jet of water to her jacket and blouse. When the bath is full of water, soaked girl takes off her shoes and lies down, enjoying her Wetlook. She poses in various flexible poses, and, speaking the truth, she does not look shy now, but on the contrary - relaxed and sexy. Wet jeans that stick to her hips suit her so much. Her blonde hair and all her clothes - jeans, pantyhose, blouse and jacket are dripping wet. Then she takes off her jacket and keeps on drenching in wet blouse that became transparent, and we can see a black bra underneath. Katya is extremely passionate girl and it is definitely a gorgeous Wetlook.

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