Wetlook by Beautiful Girl in Jacket and Tight Jeans on Sea

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1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

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Anna had long planned to swim fully clothed and make her clothes soaking wet. But today was rather cold in the air, and I thought that would have to cancel our Wetlook shooting. We simply decided to walk along the sea coast. The girl put on tight blue jeans, gray jacket and purple shirt. Fully clothed girl deliberately putt of her shoes in order to try the water temperature. Wetlook girl sat on the edge of the stone and dipped her feet into the sea. The water was cool, but girl could not already stop. I have always been fond of such courageous girls, so I decided to support her decision to make her clothes wet in such a cool weather. Fully clothed Wetlook girl entered the water. Her tight jeans gradually became wet and dark. Wet girl began to splash the water on her jeans, shirt and jacket until they also became soaking wet. Her jacket became wet and heavy, and water began to flow down from it. Soaking wet girl made a solution to take off her wet jacket. Anna is engaged in sports so she decided to do some exercises and jump a bit in the water. When the girl was jumping in wet jeans and shirt, splashes of water scattered all around. All her clothes and hair became completely wet. At the end, absolutely wet girl lay on the stone and just get enjoyed her Wetlook to the fullest.

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